Fowl Line Failure…

Some of the line pegs were pulled out and the line is laying slack on the beach. Obviously, some campers annoyed by the trip hazard have knocked it down.

I know the line is an inconvenience and we all wish the park would set it up at night and take it down in the morning like they did in years past. Still, with the line down, our beach is now covered in E. Coli-rich goose excrement.

This is dangerous to the many young families who use the beach daily.

If you have been following the Selwyn Township feed, you know the beaches around our lake have been closed for this very reason.

For the sake of all Ringtail campers, please keep the line up.

Water is flowing, hydro restored to most of the park

Frank stopped by this afternoon with good news. Hydro One connected most of the power lines yesterday including those going to the water pumps. There is now water flowing through out the park!

Unfortunately, those with hydro intfractions from last year are still not connected.

Water and Hyrdo will be on soon… for most of us!

I received a call from Frank this morning who asked that I post an update on the Hydro and water situation at the park.

Hydro was by the camp yesterday. They indicated that a number of infractions identified last summer had not been corrected by park residents. This includes things like unsafe outdoor extension cables and even improper breaker upgrades that some residence installed themselves.

Initially Hydro was reluctant to issue a connection order for the new power lines but Frank asked if they would consider approving on the condition that trailers in violation are not connected. Hydro accepted this condition and issued a connection order.

First thing this morning (Friday May 25), Frank visited Hydro One’s office to ask when the connection order will be implemented. Unfortunately, the work date is not as soon as we would like: Wednesday May 30th.

That means no hydro for many campers and no water for all us this weekend. It’s disappointing but since the forecast calls for heavy rain and thunderstorms, perhaps fewer people plan to go up to the camp, anyway.

So, if everything goes according to plan, we should all have water and most of us will have hydro for the June 2nd weekend. Hurrah! Let the summer begin!

Delays in opening…

I spoke with park-owner Frank and his daughter Tracy, today. He acknowledged that the park should have been opened on May 1st but complications and setbacks have delayed the opening. It seems, two issues are disrupting the Season opener: permits and hydro.

In order to accommodate growing electrical needs of campers, Frank is in the process of upgrading areas of the camp prone to breaker failure. In order to do so, his plans need to be approved. He had arranged to meet with Hydro in November but they did not make the meeting. Since this upgrade could not occur during winter months, Frank contacted Hydro early in the spring but their earliest available date was May 1st. Hydro has been by the camp and has approved the upgrade plans. With Hydro’s approval, Frank is currently finishing the necessary wiring and expects Hydro to connect the rewired areas of the camp by next weekend (May 12) and assures it will certainly be hooked up before the upcoming long weekend. Although not having power would frustrate many campers, this is not the reason the park has not been officially opened.

In order to operate, Ringtail needs to renew yearly operating permits with the city. Frank’s operating permit request was denied by the city because a few campers have build strutures that extent over their trailer roofs. Frank explains that these campers were advised of this three years ago and were reminded again near the end of last season. They were asked to remove the roofing from over their trailers but did not comply. As a result, the city refused Ringtail’s permit and Frank cannot open the gate without risking heavy fines.

Frank has connected with those campers involved and is awaiting the removal of these structures so he may advise the city and request the camp’s operating permits. He is also trying to request a temporary or provisional permit to allow the camp to open while these infractions are corrected. Both Frank and Tracy were clear to me that this is why the gate is not open. He acknowledged the park’s contractual commitment to be operational on May 1st (open gate access, hydro, and water sevices) and is frustrated by these delays preventing him from doing so.

Obviously, this is frustrating for everyone–especially the campers who have no idea what is going on. I told Frank about this website and he and Tracy agreed to connect with me so I may share park goings on. Most of us connect through Facebook or other ways but I suspect there are some who have no idea what is happening at the park and may drive for hours just to find the gate is closed. Hopefully, this may bring some clarity directly from the park owners and avoid confusion and speculation in the future.

Looking forward to awesome 2018 season. It seems this unpleasantness will be behind us within the next couple of weeks.