2016 Family Day, Fireworks, & Pancakes, Halloween

Not to be outdone, our Committee packed more action in to a single weekend then most of us see all summer. Three days of sunshine and temps in the high 20’s meant everyone was outside enjoying the festivities. The beach was packed for three days straight!

Things heated up on Saturday with the annual Family Day rides and games around the pavilion. The bouncy castle was rocking and the snowcones scooper got a real work out.

The day ended in a bang thanks to the Committee’s fireworks display manned by Kirk, a Ringtail newcomer. He did a most impressive job not only lighting the night sky but also dodging and ducking bursts of flame around the floating dock.

Red-eyed and exhausted from the day before, Committee members and volunteers were flipping pancakes and swirling sausages just after daybreak on Sunday. With miles of hot cakes, trays of sausage, and crock pots full of warm syrup, breakfast was served at 10 am sharp!

Stuffed from breakfast, most of us spent the rest of Sunday relaxing at the beach or playing Bingo in the afternoon (Sheri won four times!). That is, until the campground was overtaken by ghouls and ghosts at 6 PM when Halloween activities kicked off. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many trick or treaters before. It’s wonderful to see so many young people at the park.

To round off the weekend’s festivities, the Halloween dance kicked off around 8 PM. Let me just say, the two man band was fantastic. Even yours truly found himself on the dance floor–an extremely rare event. They covered every genre and every decade imaginable and, damn, can those boys sing! Can’t wait to see them again.

What an awesome weekend.

Last Post of the Season


Photo by Anita – Winners Oct. 3

Since the season is winding down and there are no scheduled Committee events, I will be just be updating this post with the weekly Bingo and 50/50 results photo provided by Anita. So, as this is likely my last post of the season, I would like to share a personal reflection on the past summer…

Some of us visit the part every weekend. Many spend a week or two of summer holidays. A lucky few spend most of the summer at the camp enjoying both the peaceful weekdays and the exciting weekends. All of us, from the seasonal resident to the weekend warrior, come to Ringtail to have a good time.

So, how did you spend your time at the park? Did you do much swimming? Sit by many campfires? Perhaps, indulge in a beverage or two? Have you made new memories with family, old friends and new acquaintances? Did you enjoy some of the Committee food, dance, and sport events? I hope you’ve had as many good times this summer as I have.

When I reflect on this past season what comes to mind most is just how many good people I’ve met and the great conversations I’ve shared. As the season draws to an end, I’m going to miss splashing in the lake; hearing to the crackle of warm campfires; seeing the chipmunks, woodpeckers, loons and herons. I’m going to miss seeing the joy and pride on my son’s face when he masters dunking or talks about a new friend he made. I’m going to miss sitting quietly with my wife, listening to music while she sustains yet another sunburn. All the laughter. All the good food. All the beer! But most of all, what I miss during the off-season, is our community. I miss simply being surrounded by like-minded people who want to forget about the real world for a while and just have a good time.

Looking forward to seeing you all next season.

Labour Day Weekend

Photos by Anita and Greg

We were treated to one last hot blast of Summer this past Labour Day Weekend with temperatures in the 30’s all three days. The heat did not stop the kids racing around during the Kid’s Day sports, Saturday morning, and more people then ever took part in the Annual Egg Toss.

It was great to see everyone at the Pavilion for the Elections and Awards Saturday afternoon. This informal vote is also a Town Hall meeting for members to reflect on the past season and discuss hopes for next year. Topics this year included discussions about adding speed bumps and concerns regarding Committee spending on a recent golf cart acquisition. Thanks to those all those who shared their thoughts and voted. Special thanks to both returning and newly elected Committee members. Looking forward to an awesome 2016 season!

In complete indifference to the heat, eight teams took part in the Labour Day volleyball competition. Fortunately, things cooled down considerably for night bingo that evening which was very well attended.

Sunday was more relaxed with Mini Putt starting around noon. Thanks to all those who, despite the heat, setup holes for the whole camp to enjoy. Our frequent band, The Two of Us, sang a farewell to summer at the last dance of the season that night.